Tuesday, March 14, 2006


After a brisk walk to the crest of the hill, I am now officially careening down it into old age.


Thursday, March 09, 2006


Who has time for blogging with all those Olympic sporting events to watch?

I've been Olympics-mad since 1972 -- well, I barely remember those, even though I'm told I did watch them (at age six) with my parents. Really, it's the Winter Games in 1976, in Innsbruck, Austria, that I can recall clearly. Woo, Dorothy Hamill!

Anyway, so my attentions were devoted to NBC's coverage of all kinds of sports you'd probably not even be able to pay me watch otherwise, all in the name of being a sucker for Olympic pageantry and drama. (Chad Hedrick & Shani Davis, anyone?)

And then other stuff keeping my attentions was, oh, Project Runway, Survivor, the season premieres of The Amazing Race and The Apprentice and The Real World and whatnot.

And Tuesday brings with it the 40th birthday! Jeebus. Patrick is very much looking forward to teasing me about that, as I seem to recall I may have been rather merciless about mocking his own aging process over the years.

The day after I become Officially Old, I'll be off to Istanbul for a few days of exploring.