Friday, November 11, 2005

For Art's Sake

My dad turned sixty-two on Wednesday. Ay yi yi. I try not to think about that too much, given that when I was born, he was only twenty-two.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Charlotte. North Carolina. (I know!) Now, here's why: the Mint Museum is hosting a special exhibition of works from a noted museum in Connecticut which are currently on tour. One of gems in this particular collection is a painting by Caravaggio -- only one of my favorite painters of, like, all time, dude.

An additional perk of the trip is that my friend Dan will be swinging by on his way back to Charleston. We'll have dinner near my hotel before he has to high-tail it back to South Carolina.


Anonymous Key Lime said...

"on his way back to Charleston?" for a world traveler, your geography needs a pick-me-up!

"Traveling miles out of his way and subjecting his dogs to hours of loneliness, just for some lasagna and good conversation" is a little more accurate! ;-)

6:06 PM  

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